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Math in Nature Show

Since the start of my work on the Math in Nature series, I had always entertained the thought of having a show once all four books were complete. Well, this summer my dream came true thanks to a very special gallery in my home town of Whitby.

Station Gallery’s Curator, Olex Wlasenko, was really the driving force behind this becoming a reality. He first got in touch about a year ago, to present the idea of featuring me in the artist’s spotlight section of SG’s membership magazine, Platform. Since then, I’ve been welcomed into the Station Gallery family.

I call it a family because it really feels like one. On top of everyone being super welcoming, it turns out I have some old friends there. I soon found out that Chrissie Wysotski, illustrator and former neighbour of mine, was now working as SG’s educator and family programmer. Chrissie and her husband David were the first illustrators I had ever met and encouraged me to apply to OCAD back in high school. As well, Olex’s sister, Kathryn Wlasenko, was my high school art teacher.

Station Gallery has also given me the opportunity to flex my teaching muscles. I taught my very first adult art class titled “Paper Landscapes”, as part of SG’s winter programming. It went so well that I’ll be giving another go at it this coming winter with two new classes titled “Paper Pets” and “Paper People”.

Ashley Barron, Math in Nature, Station GalleryMath in Nature, Children's Book illustrations, station gallery
Math in Nature, Children's Book illustrations, Station Gallery



Olex comparing the Prairie Chicken spread from Sorting Through Spring with the original art. Toronto Image Works did a wonderful job photographing all four books.

Station Gallery, Whitby, Math in Nature, Ashley Barron

2014 OAC Logo Colour JPG

Thanks again to Olex Wlasenko and the rest of the gang at Station Gallery for putting together an excellent exhibition, as well as the Ontario Arts Council for their Exhibition Assistance grant. And of course, thanks goes to Owlkids for believing in my abilities and for welcoming me into the Children’s Book market. The Math in Nature series was made possible through the combined efforts of Lizann Flatt (Author), Jennifer Stokes (Editor), Claudia Davila (Designer), Barb Kelly & Mahak Jain (Art Directors).

To learn more about what the Whitby Station Gallery has to offer, visit their site:

The Math in Nature books can be purchased through the Owlkids Store, as well as Chapters, Amazon and all sorts of smaller book shops.

GCBC Season Opener Show

There was this time in little league when my entire team caught lice from sharing the same batting helmet. Lesson learned, my mom rushed out and bought me my very own baseball helmet…only for it to collect dust in the garage because I had switched over to soccer the following year.

I was 6 years old when I played in that league and so my memories are few. Other than the head lice fiasco, the only thing that really stands out is our coach and his pre-game mantra: “If we win we get ice cream and if we lose, we still get ice cream.”

There’s a lot of comfort in a simple phrase like that, no matter how old you are.

(I was really happy to be part of this year’s Season Opener show, put on by Garrison Creek Bat Co. Below are some process shots of my bat submission titled: Sweet Deal.)

blog_icecreambat_final blog_icecreambat_preview blog_icecreambat_process1 blog_icecreambat_process3 blog_icecreambat_process4 blog_icecreambat_process5 blog_icecreambat_process6

Dalmatian Mouse & Tic Tacs

I’ll be honest. I’m by no means a devote Wes Anderson fan. I enjoy his movies, no doubt, but to date I’ve only watched four of them.

So when Spoke Art’s Jessica Ross approached me to take part in their second Wes Anderson tribute show, my first thought was, “I have some serious homework to do!”

I began my study by watching The Squid and the Whale, and then re-watching Fantastic Mr. Fox. But it wasn’t until after watching The Royal Tenenbaums for the first time, that inspiration really hit.


(Screen shot from when Henry Sherman asks himself, “Is that a Tic Tac?”)

That quirky Tenenbaum house on 111 Archer Avenue was jam-packed with little details I could pull from. Since the Spoke Art show is called Bad Dads, I focused on Royal’s character, bridging two tiny symbols of his love for his family: the questionable Tic Tac cancer medication and the thriving Dalmatian mice population that his son Chas had bred as a child.

The mice: a quirky reminder of a father’s pride for his son’s past accomplishments.

The Tic Tacs: the trick to bringing a now defunct family back together again.

dalmatian mouse making of desktop

(I was lucky to find the perfect Tenenbaumily pink-patterned wallpaper to suit the scene, recycled from an old Reader’s Digest book. And voila, the final piece below.)

dalmatian mouse final art

spoke_art_logoSpoke Art’s Bad Dads group show will open November 1st and run until November 23rd. I’ve seen what the other participating artists have come up with, and you’re sure in for a treat if you can make the show in San Fran!

Maker’s Cartel

This coming Saturday and Sunday, I’ll be taking part in a cool new craft market called Maker’s Cartel. My good friends, Alejandra Porta, Fiona Greer and Pamela Martinez are the talented masterminds behind Maker’s Cartel and it’s been quite a treat seeing this whole thing mature into a reality for them and everyone involved.

Maker's Cartel

At the moment, the state of my studio space is a little chaotic from making these snowflakes for the market’s window display (pictured below). Coin rolls and white paper plates can turn into something pretty unique with a little snip here and there.

paper snowflakessnowflake window displaymaker's cartel window display

a spot of tea

Here are some photos my friend Hannah kindly captured at the Tea Party Show last Saturday. A big thanks goes out to Fariz of Bezpala Brown Gallery for displaying my work on such a nice red brick wall! The warm brick perfectly complimented the white framed artwork. And a big thanks to everyone who came and made it a great night!humpbacked whalesmilkweed and blackberries

UNO Show

This coming Friday my original La Carnita piece will be framed and hanging in the Uno show, happening at Evergreen Brick Works. I’m really looking forward to seeing brand new pieces for the talented artists listed below, and of course eating TACOS!

Actually, a funny thing happened this week.

While framing this piece, I found myself in a bit of a wild goose chase. I had run out of the burgundy paper you see as the mat colour in the picture below (an absolute favourite of mine), and so off I went hopping from art store to art store to find it, much like the easter bunny. After hopping to three with no success, I started panicking! Every store was telling me they had discontinued selling the product I so desperately seeked: Daler-Rowney’s Murano line of papers. By the time I reached Aboveground, I must have looked defeated and miserable because a kind store clerk sympathetically jumped to my aid. He called a couple places and finally located one last store in Toronto still carrying my beloved Murano.

And so here’s the kicker: this one last saviour of an art store was Gwartzman’s on Spadina, an embarrassingly close 3 minute walk from my house. I had simply never stepped foot inside before due to its tiny shop size and disheveled street view window. I had regretfully judged this book by the cover. So thank you Gwartzman’s Art Supplies, thank you, thank you, thank you, and sorry for completely buying out your entire inventory of Murano paper. See you very soon my new found friend!


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