Hello, my name is Ashley Barron.

I’m an illustrator who likes to dabble in a whole bunch of mediums, but am best known for my paper collage work.

My illustrations can be found in magazines, publishing, advertising, animation, and window displays. I’m a lover of flora and fauna and so a lot of my work reflects this. You can view my portfolio at

I’m the illustrator of Owkid’s Math in Nature series, written by Lizann Flatt, Kyle Goes Alone, written by Jan Thornhill, and most recently, UP! How Families Around the World Carry Their Little Ones, written by Susan Hughes.

My up-coming book, Birthdays Around the World, published by Kids Can Press and written by Margriet Ruurs, is set to release September 2017.

Originally from Whitby, I moved to Toronto upon graduating from OCAD’s illustration program in 2007. My partner Kevin and I share a studio with our bossy but darling parrot Kiwi and three charming cats: Toy, Nori and Yeti. (And in case you were wondering, the cats and bird coexist like 4 peas in a pod.)

I have a second passion involving dirt, water, sunshine, and a sprinkling of luck. I’m a budding, self-taught green thumb who, year by year, absorbs whatever gardening wisdom I can in preparation for my future dream garden.

If you have any questions, would like to discuss a project, or just want to say “hi”, you can reach me at

Thanks for dropping by  :)

Here are some interviews:

 The working proof

The Image Interview



4 Responses to “About”

  1. 1 Lucila Miranda February 9, 2017 at 3:49 am

    Hello Ms. Barron, I am Lucila Miranda from the Philippines and I was wondering if you would like to participate in an interview, through email, for my thesis?

  2. 3 Jen March 1, 2017 at 10:09 pm

    Hi Ashley–my son loved Kyle Goes Alone. It was his favourite book for months. He would pretend to be Kyle and would introduce himself as Kyle the Sloth when he met new people. Our whole family loved your book. Your work made the story come alive. I hope you illustrate another kids book soon!

    • 4 Ashley Barron March 22, 2017 at 3:15 pm

      Hello Jen! And thanks for sharing such a sweet story about your son pretending he’s Kyle. That means so much and is so encouraging. I’ll be illustrating more books in the coming year, so I hope I can top the cuteness of a sloth! Thanks again! :)

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My name is Ashley Barron and I'm a Toronto based illustrator. This is my online show & tell of new artwork and anything else I find inspiring. Thanks for taking a look :)

my website:

my website

New Book!

Kyle Goes Alone


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What do 3 cats + 2 dogs + a parrot equal? That's right: zero productivity for Ashley. My parents are coming back from their trip tomorrow and our three weeks of dog sitting are coming to an end. It's been exhausting, but they will be missed. After much rearranging, the kids from "Birthdays Around the World" have all managed to fit in one frame! 🙌
One of the many pieces I'll have on display at the Northern District Library this October. More details to follow. ✨Here's a peek inside my new book out this fall! ✨

Thanks to my editor @katie.scott2, designer Julia Naimska and author @margrietruurs for all of their hard work on this, and everyone else at @kidscanpress. Just a reminder that it's still watermelon seed spitting season! .
Scene from my new book with @kidscanpress, written by Margriet Ruurs called "Birthdays Around the World". 🎁🌎🌍🌏 Borrowing this floating forest perspective from Van Gogh's painting, "The Walk". If "Counting on Fall" had an accompanying sound button, this page would be all honks.
#countingonfall #mathinnature #canadiangoose #canadiangeese #canada #geese #kidlitart #kidlit #papercollage #cutpaper #paperbirds #mathconcepts #countingbook #childrensbookseries The Math in Nature series in Turkish! ✨Thanks to the marketing wizards at @owlkidspublishing.✨ If I had a band, I'd name it "Travis and the Sunchokes". ☀️ (Dogsitting for my parents this month.)