Love Your Lake

Last year my parents made a big move; they sold their suburban house in Whitby and bought a lake house in the cottage country town of Norland. They call their new place Point of View because it sits atop a rocky cliff, overlooking Shadow Lake.

norland house shadow lake

The pathway from the house to the lakeside takes you on a lengthy, but satisfying journey, winding around moss-covered rock faces dappled with ferns and under a canopy of cedar until you reach the dock.

I made this sketch of the tree tangled pathway, looking opposite to that of the lake.


The shoreline that surrounds the cliffside varies from rocky and sandy in some parts to grassy and marshy in other parts, attracting different plants and animals to each.

I was delighted to study the subject of shoreline ecosystems further while working on this assignment for Canadian Wildlife Magazine. The article, called “Love Your Lake, explains how preserving a natural shoreline keeps the lake healthy. I created a bisection to illustrate the zones that make up the shoreline: Littoral Zone (the shallow part of a lake where weeds and fallen logs make for a fish friendly habitat), The Shore (where water tolerant grasses emerge), Riparian Zone (where the roots of shrubs and plants act as a water filter by slowing runoff), and Upland Zone (where tree roots help to stabilize slopes, preventing erosion).


loveyourlake_thumbThe timing of this job was perfect, as I was well practised in making lake bisections by then. The winter book of the Nature Number series called for a similar scene of a lake bottom, but under a sheet of ice. However, being able to inject some summer colour into it, by way of purple irises and lime green lily pads was a welcomed change, as were those cute little tadpoles.

love your lake paper type

The paper-cut type for “Love” was a little bit of an after-thought. Having completed the two main illustrations, I noticed there was just enough of the blue painted paper left to make it, so I said why not? I hope to do more hand lettering in the future.

shoreline bisection heron lake ecosystem

fish under canoe

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