Notes for Spring

Over the past couple months, I’ve been on an self-educational journey of sorts. I’ve been studying the art and science of gardening with the help of books, blogs, fieldwork* and workshops. There’s still so much to learn, but already this new-found information has me wishing I could rewind back to spring again and start the growing season over; well-equipped this time.

For starters, I would create a rich beautiful soil with lasagna-like levels of manure, green waste, and black dirt, topped off with plenty of mulch! When it comes to pests, I’d be more proactive. To keep squirrels and raccoons from chomping on budding plant leaves, I’d make little barriers with down-turned containers and makeshift wire cages, (unsightly as they may look). I would set beer traps for the slugs and remove the rotting logs they call home.  I would be more diligent with tomatoes, beans and other vine-like plants that need supports and accessories for optimal growth. I would plant more garlic, marigolds, and basil to detour pests from neighbouring vegetables. I would be more adventurous with my vegetable planting, and buy heirloom seeds for more variety and nutrition.

So that pretty much sums up my spring wish list…for, I guess, next year.

But really, I shouldn’t sound so nostalgic and defeated, as there’s plenty to do in the garden still.  With raspberry season coming to a close, I can begin to harvest some of the kale, swiss chard, and cherry tomatoes that are beginning to ripen. I can start collecting and saving seeds from spent flowers and start to source the components I’ll need for next year’s superstar soil!

garden raspberry bush

*fieldwork in the form of peaking over people’s fences at their plots of land to see what they are growing and how.


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