Sorting Through Spring

Lizann and I were pretty excited back in March when our copies of freshly published books arrived to our doorsteps. Knowing that the official release date wasn’t until the first week of spring, I had to hold my breath before sharing the news. So here I present the second book of the Math in Nature series, “Sorting Through Spring“.

sorting through spring book

sorting through spring spreadsHere’s a little sneak peek into my two favourite spreads: the spring peepers (a species of chorus frog) and the prairie chickens (a type of grouse).

Spring peepers are teeny tiny little frogs that produce a high pitched “peep”, similar sounding to that of a baby chick. I had fun making these little guys and was struck with a “cute-overload” once the eyes were applied!

The Prairie Chickens are funny in that they resemble the silhouette of a rabbit. The male birds perform a sort of dance to attract their mate that involves perking their head feathers up, jumping around and “booming” their inflatable featherless neck patches. Actually it was the colour of these particular neck patches that inspired the sky and subsequent background colours of the spread. (I try to inject pink into my art at every chance I get for it’s playful, yet peaceful effects.)

Lizann and I will be giving book signings at the Evergreen Brick Works on Sunday, May 26th, coinciding with a large event called “Walk of Life”. There, we’ll be presenting the book along with an activity in the BMO atrium between 12-2pm.

And on a far, far stretch of a side note, I wanted to point out a little spring-themed parallel between my art and life. I bought these tulips (pictured below left) for my mother this past Easter weekend, while they were still green and tight in their buds. I assumed they’d have yellow blooms as that was the colour of all the other potted tulips on the same store shelf. But to my surprise, a cascade of creamsicle orange blooms began to emerge — a very similar arrangement found inside the book!

orange tulips


2 Responses to “Sorting Through Spring”

  1. 1 Linda April 3, 2013 at 6:10 pm

    Very nice post ;)

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