Kyla’s Pig

Kyla's PigHere’s a look at a recent commission I did for a friend’s six-year-old daughter, Kyla. The guidelines for the project were simple and had potential to be delightfully girly: (1) Kyla was born in the year of the pig, (2) she loves the colours purple and pink, and (3) this would be a personal poster she could hang on her bedroom wall.

Since I tend to work quite small (to accommodate my scanner), I was initially uncertain about creating a 16″ x 20″ paper collage. My main concern was finding the right materials that would stand the test of time. After some trial and error, I found that heavy duty watercolour paper as a backing was the way to go. I also opted for the strength of two sided tape as opposed to glue sticks. When working with larger pieces of paper, glue sticks can cause ripples and curves as they dry, where as the two-sided tape doesn’t.

flower headsThe foreground and the background elements were quick to finish, but I found the mid ground floral arrangement a little bit challenging in terms of Β colour choices that wouldn’t distract from the pig. In the process of experimenting with different flower combinations, I ended up making quite the surplus of flowers! Fortunately, nothing is ever wasted in the my studio…those paper flower heads will be recycled soon into another project, so keep an eye out for them!desk top


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My name is Ashley Barron and I'm a Toronto based illustrator. This is my online show & tell of new artwork and anything else I find inspiring. Thanks for taking a look :)

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