ice cream anyone?

It’s actually embarrassing how often I think about ice cream. I often think of cake but then it’ll lead me back to ice cream. I often think of summer but then that too will lead me back to ice cream.

Today I was thinking about winter (mainly because it was snowing outside as I was sketching out winter-themed thumbnails for the third of the Nature Numbers book series). So yes, I was thinking about winter and then,ย surprise surprise,the idea of eating ice cream ย entered my head. And then I thought of how perfect it would be to eat an ice cream cone on a day like today. There wouldn’t be any dripping or melting down the side. It would stay pristine for as long as I wanted to enjoy it.

Just imagine, savouring an ice cream cone for for hours on end! Amazing!

The illustration to the left demonstrates the four seasons and how they affect overall ice cream enjoyment time.


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