I stumbled upon this small series (originally taken for my highschool photography class), and the memories came flooding in: tiny, quick heartbeats, the softest section of fur just behind their ears, whiskers that would decide whether or not to proceed, rhythmic nose slits, padded hops across carpet, lightening speed dashes up ramps, eyelashed puddles of brown and blue, watching, thumping, glowing, sun-filtered ears angling up and down and behind, hiding under ruffled beds, peeking, following, nibbling, bobbing, sniffing, mid-air acrobatics, bathing, licking, laying out flat on interlocked brick, sun beating down, rustling behind the cedar, twigs and branches, chocolate droppings, the smell of damp hay, grapes, cheerios, celery leaves, snakes of apple skin, cotton candy only once, their weight on my chest, Jezebel, Tiffany, Shelly, Scooter, Chloe, and Sasha (pictured bottom left) my favourite.

My adolescent years were largely spent caring for these little guys. Or maybe it was the other way around.


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My name is Ashley Barron and I'm a Toronto based illustrator. This is my online show & tell of new artwork and anything else I find inspiring. Thanks for taking a look :)

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my website

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