Winter, with it’s absence of natural colour, is an opportune time to play around with artificial colour.

An orange scarf worn in the summer has to compete with the spectacle of flower beds and bare skin, whereas in the winter, it is the spectacle.  Even the puniest string of christmas lights is something to behold when nearly buried in snow.

This makes me think of a wonderful book I read last year around this time called “Scandinavian Embroidery Past & Present”. Inside were photographs of flattened garments and textiles; some as old as 300 years. Every mitten, hood, and blanket was embellished with brightly coloured needlework interpretations of flora and fauna…a distant reminder of spring. The thumbnail below is a pencil crayon sketch I had made of two mitten designs found in the book.

Most intimately of all, snow and flowers are united in candy icing; there at last the marzipan flora seems to have fulfilled entirely Moscows dream, to bloom out of whiteness.” – Walter Benjamin, 1927


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