Luc-Marie Bayle

I came across this attractive book at Ten Editions Bookstore a while back. It’s sort of a swanky, hard-covered brochure containing enticing write ups and coloured photographs of the many travel destinations Air France offered.

Although I haven’t read it in it’s entirety, I’ve enjoyed certain snippets. Summer in France is described as “Limpid blue skies, golden brown shoulders, warm evenings”, and under Africa the subheading reads “Have you ever shot a lion?” The photographs below are two of my favourite! They’re a reminder of how luxurious air travel used to be; so much so that some thought it fit to wear cocktail dresses and over-sized boutonnieres.

The cover illustration is by French painter and Naval Officer, Luc-Marie Bayle (1914-2000). (If I’d paid more attention in French class growing up, I would tell you more about him.) He’s best known for this iconic Air France poster, as well as designing the Calypso logo, which became a part of the Jean-Michel Cousteau ocean exploration tradition.


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  1. 1 alejandraporta August 31, 2010 at 9:46 pm

    Sweet Ashley! I enjoyed this post! I felt like I learned a lot. I love the Air france poster!!!

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