vacation memos

I’ve been holding onto these vacation planners since I was 14 years old. I had come across the pair while sifting through boxes in my Grandmother’s garage and remember falling in love with the cover illustration.  (I was a bit of an all-things-mid-century geek back then and still am.)

I loved and still love the wiry arms, thick legs and almost non-existent feet of the people. I love the forest green bathing suit paired with the white-framed sunglasses.  I love the wonky wheels of the bicycle. I love the chunky red type of the “Vacation” with the thin blue loops of the “Memos”. I love how you can’t quite make out what the camera man is taking a picture of. And I love how everyone’s floating carelessly in a sky of blue while the sun smirks on rather deviously.

Inside each booklet are little checklists and charts with headings such as “What to take”, “Expenses” and “People I Met”.  On the Things To Do Before Leaving page it recommends notifying the mailman, milkman, breadman and police. They were printed in 1954 for the Waterloo Trust and Savings Company’s Vacation Club.

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